Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photos from Pleasant 9th of February!

Moviestar smile!

Reggae-Anders preaching.

Hey heeey!

Fashionlion has a lot to learn from Super-Hasse when it comes to posing.

The mingling expert Nickelodeon aka. M. Bindefeldt was all over the place!
West Coast dude, no I mean, Vilda Väsby len.

Jonas from Roots Circus came by after finishing a recording session at Rub-A-Dub.

Bus Stop Productions - always ready for serious business.

Travelling all the way from Luleå mr. Najsheden got stuck in a lock by Nickelodeon.

Mingling like a maniac with Fashionlion!

VD'n paying respect.

"Välkommen till Stockholm"

Jonas, Linda & Fashion of Roots Circus.

Boom Wah Dis crew reppin' Örebro!

Najsheden aka. Tomas posing like a pro.

Dotcom & FlexBoss enjoyed a meal earlier on.

Stylish table at Pleasant.

We'll see You soon (We're back at Pleasant in March)!

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