Monday, January 15, 2007

Bashment Party with Super-Hasse!

Since he'll soon be leaving for sunnier weather, this saturday Super-Hasse hosted his own bashment party with drinks, snacks and a danceing-competition that will go down in history. Live danceshows from Fashionlion, FlexBoss, Nickelodeon and offcourse the host himself plus frequent but short apperances by Mastah-L impressing the crowd by demonstrating both stora and lilla "doppet". Music was pumping from the soundsystem in size x-small. Only question - who won the battle? We'll have to get back to that later.
A new superstar rap-group was also funded. Watch out for "Gangstaz Five-0" pumping the beats with rhymes crushing like the blue constructionalmaterial of "The Dragonway". Oneninefour-style!

Nickelodeon and Super-Hasse teamed up for a battle

Then Super-Hasse thought he'd take Mastah-L for a swing

FlexBoss didn't have much to put up against Hasse's powers and neither did Mastah-L

Thanks to Ita and Hasse for throwing the party complete with a napkin on his head!

2 kommentarer:

Fashionlion said...

194 64!!! Reppresent!!! We gonna mash up di dance!!!

Super-Hasse said...

ha ha!