Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last weekend...

...FlexBoss went to his old neighbourhood "Vilda Väsby" to participate at a birthdayparty for my man Björn. A lot of people came to Björns house in Carlslund 3, which is one of the newest parts of the Carlslund, well known for it's rough and ruggedness. At about 23.00 people decided to get the party started for real and booked up cabs for the massive taking us to the newly moved and all improved local club Farbror&co. I was actually quite impressed by the "new look" and the way the staff and the guards treated people wanting to get in. Everyone was really friendly. If you'd like to know about the old days before "Fabben" moved, just ask anyone from "Vilda Väsby" about "Diskarn" and they'll know what you're talking about. The place wasn't very nice and the staff quite hostile. Happy to see the positive return of Fabben we had a great night and since the place was crowded they even opened up tha way to the second part of the club called "The Old English Pub". Who would have thought of that name for a pub? Brainstorming deluxe. Nice it nice.

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