Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fettisdag = Fat Tuesdays!

Today is "Fettisdagen". I actually can't remember why we celebrate this day (let me know by posting a comment) but the main thing we do in Sweden is eating "semlor". Either just as they are with whipped cream or as a "hetvägg" (eng. hot wall) with warm milk. I prefer the regular one. Anyway, tonight in Tuff Tuesdays we've renamed the show to Fat Tuesdays and will test out a few pairs of semlor to see which one is the best. Might even play "Miss Fatty" by Million Stylez to celebrate the great day. We'll also have the premiere of our new segment which is the "Trumpet Skola" (eng. trumpetschool) where FlexBoss and Nickelodeon are gonna try to learn how to play the trumpet and hopefully by the end of this season we'll be able to play the classic musicshool-tune "Broder Jakob".
Tune in to Vibes46 tonight between 18.00-20.00 (swedish time) to hear how it goes.
Also, Reggae-Anders is with us in the studio and Mr. Fashionlion is back with a new fashionreport plus his much appreciated "Veckans Nice"-list.
Halla halla!

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Youngucci said...

sitter i paris och lyssnar pa fet tisdags programmet och jag maste bara saga att satan vad ni ar sjuka!!!!!!!!!
Ska bli kul att ses pa tisdag, jag vill ocksa ha bullar!

Im out of this muttefukker!!!