Sunday, February 25, 2007

New tunes!

Being selectors and doing radioshows we have the privilige of getting new tunes every now and then from managers and labels. This week we got a new song from Bounty Killer named "Killa Talk" released on the Mad Dog riddim from Black Shadow (big up!). The riddim is quite slow and simple in it's production which is something I like. A bit like the G-string riddim if you know what I mean but without the "bounceyness"? It also has that classic short fill of strings in the end of each bar like in Bellyas and many others has. The song features the "Poor Peoples Governor" reasoning about the wickedness going down in the ghetto and is quite raw with it's realistic lyrics.

Next up is Mr. Vegas who keeps on spitting out tunes like always and this time we got hooked up with three. First off is a song called "Blood Stain" over a riddim named Tremor. Both the song and the riddim reminds me a lot of Movado's song on Redbull & Guinness and sounds really nice. I like this one! Next tune is called "Let Dem R.I.P.". I like the riddim complete with 80's style "orchestra strike sound" and the lyrics are aight. The third tune is more of a hiphop song. "Turn Up Da Radio" floats nice over beats where I think I recognize the snare from an old BoogieDownProductions-song. Vegas sends his respect to the U.S.-massive and the song has a good hook (sounds a bit like Snow's "Informer" actually!)
We'll probably play them on our next show so don't forget to log on!

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