Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sneak preview - Happy People

The founder and owner of our favourite streetwearbrand Happy People, Thomas aka. Najsheden gave me a call yesterday. He's on his way to do a little trip around Europe starting with the Copenhagen fashionweek to meet dealers and others involved in the fashionscene, some stops in Stockholm (hookup-time next weekend) and Malmoe (why?) and then some time in Paris. This man is truly a globetrotter. Anyway, he sent me this photo taken with his mobilphone of a piece from his new collection which besides the photgraphed item has a lot och crazy, strong colors he told me. You can get in touch with Thomas through his blog.

The hood comes with a print that is a traditionall samish pattern, which is where Thomas has his roots, and has details in deerbone and leather. Looking really, really nice I must say and very original. I'll have one size M thank you. Good work man!

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