Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Belgium part 1!

Some pics on what went down in Belgium. The trip was crazy and Elvis with friends where great hosts. Big up's to Elvis and Liberty Sound, General Good with crew and all of I-town! More pics soon.

Will FlexBoss the giant drop his heavy bag on the little lady on the right?

Our host Elvis showed us his bar and crib.
Mastah L with Ras HottaGöt.
Representing by the lion of I-town.
FArsan had a rough night and litterally crashed.
Heavy Metal pose with the cathedral of Ieper in the background.
The crew went for a walk and linked up with Oljedollars who was in town with his girl.
Now that's a what an Irish Coffe is supposed to look like!
A native wanted to pose for the camera.
Nickelodeon's skin got heavy the day after.
As did Oljedollars...
...Mastah L's...
...and Flexboss's.
Combat Sound, General Good crew and Liberty Sound.
Feeling not so great.
Let's go!

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Anonymous said...

Yagga johansson vilka festliga bilder!
Era partysvin. . . Nasta gang foljer Super-Hans pa!!!
Cya soon, peace