Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Skate or die!

The Saturday two weeks ago was a killer. About 20-25 degrees outside and the sun shining so Combat and our friend Oskadus decided to go skate in a newlybuilt park nearby. It's been quite some time since we stod on our boards and after skating for about 2o seconds we got aware of the fact that alcohol and non-skating for many years had had a negative effect on our balance and overall condition.
Oskadus easilly took the lead by rolling around relaxed doing flips and other stuff while Mastah-L did his best to catch up with nice boardslides and flips in the banks. FlexBoss went straight for the poser-line. Rolling around doing fourwheelslides, laidback-poses in the banks and other not very cool tricks. Nickelodeon arrived late with a hangover and had his goal set on manageing to do one kickflip - and he did. The rest of the time was spent sitting in the sun relaxing. A great day!
I suppose we have to practice doing everything all over again this whole summer...

Anyway, I got inspired and looked up some footage of people who can skate for ya'll to enjoy:

This guy has quite a unique style to say the least.

Seriously craaazy miniramp skills!

Crazy Jason Dill. Here's a combo from two videos.

We'll see you in the park this summer!

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