Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pictures from Gothenburg!

We just came home from a 2 day trip to Gothenburg where we played alongside Rough Lynx at the premiere of their new club Rewind at Henriksberg's Ballroom. A great night and a great weekend! Big up's to Rough Lynx and all Gothenburg massive!

We finally met mr. Color Blind in person. Horray!

Get the funk outta my face!

GGGG GeeBeeGeeRide!

Combat Sound & Rough Lynx

Hey hey heeey!

Andreas Lynx dug deep in the crates.

Now when back in Stockholm we get ready for the next barhäng at Pleasant. See ya'll there!

2 kommentarer:

Lion said...

Combat sound är ute och reppar och det ser bra ut!!!

Combat Sound said...

Aber ja, natürlich! Barhäng på Pleasant nu på lördag. Fashionlion reppar väl!?