Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Over and out from Tuff Tuesdays!

After almost three years of broadcasting Tuff Tuesdays we're in need of a break. We've had the honour of giving you great music, our reflections, parties, events, news and so much more and we've had a great time doing it!

Thank's to all our guests, the vibes46 crew and a special thank you to all of our listeners - without you guys the shows would never be as good!

We'll be back in a new format this autumn. Keep on checking the blog to know what's up as Tuff Tuesdays will live on!

ps. many shows are stored as back-up and will be published here on the blog. Keep your eyes and ears open! ds.

/Chris Boss, Nickelodeon & Reggae-Anders

2 kommentarer:

jonas said...

tråkigt att höra.. får hoppas ni kommer tillbaka i radioform snart igen!

Combat Sound said...

Jodå, TT kommer tillbaka på ett eller annat sätt.