Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reminder: Combat weekend!

We're getting ready for a busy weekend:

Friday 27th of June - Combat Sound @ The Rock, Hornsgatan 82
The Rock is Bonafide, the man behind vibes46's new dancehall and reggae club cooking up and serving a bashment every friday. 22.00-03.00. 21 yrs.

Saturday 28th of June - Barhäng inna summer style @ Pleasant, Kammakargatan 9
This needs no explaination. Just for this night Danne at Pleasant has prepared a very deluxe "Combat-kit" featuring a bucket of five ice cold beers. A must! Also, Pleasant is open one hour extra 21.00-02.00. 25 yrs. FREE!

As always, we're looking forward to see You all both on friday and saturday!

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