Monday, July 7, 2008

Download: Mixtape Extravaganza!

Since we're such kind persons we thought we'd sum up some recently made mixtapes for You to enjoy. Some have been released here on the blog before and some through other channels. A reason why we do this is to get You ready for the upcoming second part of the 2008 FeelGoodMix where Combat Sound joins forces with Stereo Steppers Hi-Power.

The "Vintage Selection"-mix includes nuff classics from early Studio 1. Selected by Mastah-L.

Another one put together by Mastah-L. This time stricktly tunes from the Channel One studio.

This is the first "FeelGoodMix" recorded in 2005. The motto is nice vibes and easy listening.

Second "FeelGoodMix" from 2006. Continuing in the same style as the first but more tracks.

The latest volume put together in 2008. Nuff big tunes and vibes. Enjoy!

ps. We've still got a lot more mixes to come. If You want to get them first - join us on Facebook ds.

2 kommentarer:

M said...

Kan ni inte lägga in senaste mixen på Mycket lättare sajt.

Combat Sound said...

Tyvärr funkar det inte då zshare endast tillåter mappar på max 100MB.