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Nickelodeon's report: SUMMERJAAAAM 2008!

I know that some people have been waiting for this update. I'm sorry for keeping you waiting but after five days of heavy drinking I had to go to rehab a couple of days...

Summerjam - drinks, smoke and music...

This was the third time we went down to Europes biggest reggaefestival. After beeing there two years before I knew that there was no chance that we would get to see all nice artists from the lineup so I focused on a few: Beres Hammond, Busy Signal, Shaggy, Mighty Crown, Pressure, Voicemail, Jah Cure and Mr Vegas.

Beres show was cancelled before the festival even started and replaced by Alpha Blondy (FlexBoss comment: Terrible!). I had really looked forward to seeing one of my favorite artists but I still hoped that Busy and Mighty Crown was gonna come up with something special.

As usual we started of with having a beer at the place we call Indiern.

A beer at "Indiern"

Then a taxi out to Fühlinger See where the festival is located. The mission for today was to see Busy Signal, Mr Vegas and check out the festival. Of course we also had to vicit our friends Keneisha and Percy in the foodplace outside the festival area. A video from that will be published here soon..
Arriving at Fuhlinger see everything seemed on top, the weather was great and people was as fullyloaded as I remember from last year. We hooked up with some of John's friends from Sweden outside the festival to have a drink or two...

Chill outside the festival with the swedish crew

Marie, Tom, Fredrik, Bianca, Jenny, Anne and some more guys. It's always nice too meet some new cool people and I'm really glad that I had the chance to hang out with those guys a couple of days! Big up to all of you for making the festival a little bit better!
After too many hours and tooooo many drinks outside we decided too move in for Busy Signal.
I met up with Youthman from and went to the show. Busy really mashed up the place! Must say that I was a little bit surpised that he was that good live.

Busy Signal LIVE and direct

Next one on stage was Vegas. Me and Youthman now linked up Sanjin and Crill-Oh and we all went back to check it out. Mr Vegas kicked hits from now and then and also made a real good concert. Since I've seen Vegas before I didn't appreciate it as much as the Busy Signal consert but it was good still.

Crill-Oh and Sanjin at the Mr Vegas show.

The first day of Summerjam 2008 was finished and it was just as nice as I remembered it from last years.

Today we decided that we were going for the festival earlier than what we used to. So we went down to a polish guy a few blocks from the hotell too buy some beers and smirnoff. When we came to the festival we met the rest of the people from the day before at the same spot outside the festival.

Back outside the festival on saturday..

After a while I met up with Youthman again to see Jah Cure. We went down to the big scen and checked him out for a couple of songs, kind of boring consert or maybe it was me that still was in a lame mode from the day before.
Youthman who is one of Örebro's best dancers was thrilled to see Voicemail on the other stage so we moved on. After a while at the Voicemail show we looked at ourselves and the rest of the crowed and realized that nobody seemed hyped. Voicemail worked hard on stage too get people to follow them with dances etc. People were still lame. Probably it was a mistake to put an act like Voicemail so early in the saturdays lineup, they did a good show but the crowd didn't.

After Voicemail, Alaine and Pressure was going for their shows, I stayed and saw a few songs and then went back to Apaco and John who was focusing on drinking.
Time for Shaggy and then Mighty Crown!

After a couple of hours with two heavydrinkers like Apaco and John I was back on track. Fullyloaded and ready for Shaggy on the big stage. Shaggy was (as Reggae-Anders said after the show) alot of pop but still really good. He mixed big mainstreem hits with last years toptunes like Church Heathen etc. The show was nice but my mainfocus this night was to come now.

Mighty Crown - The Far East Rulers
was going to enter the stage in the Soundquake tent. I went down there and it wasn't a big surprise that the tent was overfilled with soundboys and girls. I didn't have any choice, even if some people had to get hurt I was going in too see it. And I did, and nobody got hurt. Mighty Crown gave us all what to expect from the world champions.
The saturday was as good as I hoped, Mighty Crown did push Summerjam 2008 to a whole new level.

Waking up on a sunday is often a less funny thing after drinking the day before. After drinking for four days it's no fun at all... Like every year at Summerjam it is not so sure that you will make it to the festival on the sunday but after a looooong day at the hotel we did... When the last artist, Stephen Marley was on stage we rolled back into the festival and as you might understand we missed all shows this day. All because of that golden delicious beer...

Summerjam is over for this year and I can promise you that if we make it there next year I will stay to a maximum four beers and one longdrink per night (FlexBoss comment: Good luck with that!).

So long and I leave You with some more photos...

John, Apaco and Line in our room before going out

Zorro was there!

The Entrance.

Hahaha wtf...

Red stage.

The entrance

Nickelodeon and Tom outside the area.

Green stage


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