Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"The Art Of Combat" - Thank You!

Seriously, last saturday really was one of the best nights we've had in a long time. We sold all paintings except one (don't ask me why no one invested in "Pang! Punktering..." cause I can't understand it) making a total of 4200 sek for Barncancerfonden! The big painting that was auctioned out by Governor Andy actually made 1700 sek alone!
The place was super-packed and the party was on til 3AM.

Combat says BIG UP to Jonas Svensson who did a fantastic job cooking such superb food, to Governor Andy for sweet vocals and entertaining (even though the sound got messed up later on and the mic refused to work. We're sorry about that), to Pleasant with staff for making the night flow smoothly and helping us make this happen and of course - all our guests who seriously mashed up the night with us! YOU ARE THE BEST!

More pictures coming soon...

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